Lone Will Be The Night

Have you ever asked yourself how to tell your believing friends and family that you've left the church? If you have, you know this is a daunting question. You know your entire life could change in one moment, but you want to be honest with yourself and those you love.


There is no perfect way to have this conversation, but there are lots of wrong ways. Using real-life examples and personal experience, I offer good ways to have these discussions as well as things to steer clear of.


I have put together this guide on how to come out as a non-believer to the most important people in your life: your spouse, your parents, your children, and others. I hope you will find this information useful and your relationships will flourish. I wish you the best!


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You're not alone.


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Get help in coming out as a non-believer and find resources to help with your faith transition.